"Safari Noise" pays homage to the wild. Inspired by the beauty in animals , colours and true nature you can find on a safari.

Our chosen colours tell an individual story in reference to a beautiful animal on a safari and where specifically picked with this in mind. Picture our orange "Firestone" jumpsuit - inspired by the orange beautiful flamingos. The King of the jungle the Lion ranges from blonde/beige/gold, to red, brown and black all colours you find in "Safari Noise". Another unique example is the cheetah with it spots you'll find on our polka dot dress. 

The pride you find in a peacock as it oh so proudly shows off its beautiful feathers is one of the very reasons "Safari noise" was created for that lady. The one who Puts on our garment with opulence and is immediately catapulted to an era of style , grace and elegance. This alone is the exact reason why Heather created "Safari Noise" to continuously adorn her Félunistas In the finery that befits their nature. 

As you picture the peacefulness and elegance of the swan glaring gracefully on the lake unshaken next to the wild where the King lion is also claiming territory - different worlds of the land and the sea and yet they still work together in their different worlds in making it a beautiful place. That's what's HH Féluna is. Our fashions embrace and make whole where there is a separation. That which is different need not be divided, when worlds unite in hope.