H.H. Féluna London is luxury fashion of the baobab and the oak, conceived by London designer Heather ChiTate. Inspired by her mother's eye for pairing African prints with Western fashion in breathtaking ways that defy convention, Heather's roots are woven into the fabric of her designs to craft exclusive lines that represent Heritage Royalty for the modern day. Her vision is a striking fusion of cosmopolitan London style with subtle dashes of contemporary African and ethnic print, reaching out to bridge the divide between savannah and skyline, past and present, ancestry and avant-garde.

Heather adorns her Félunistas in the finery that befits their nature, exalting them from root to crown. HH Féluna serves it's devotee's most heartfelt desires, their longing to express every part of themselves in harmony. This is more than fashion. This is a movement of harmony, aspiration and invention. We embrace contrast without division, serve the majesty of ambition, and unite heritage with avant-garde.


We serve our Félunistas’ desire for harmony, expressed within and without. Where there is separation, our fashions embrace and make whole. That which is different need not be divided, when worlds are united in hope.


HH Féluna represents the fusion of worlds united in hope, and nowhere is this more visible than in our ambitions for the forthcoming HH Féluna Foundation. A percentage of our revenues will support young offenders as they find their feet, rediscover themselves, and reunite with their London communities. Those who seemingly have no-one and no hope will find a supportive embrace at the HH Féluna Foundation. We don't see the problems of the past, only the potential for the future. Today, HH Féluna is partnered with the Princes Trust Foundation to deliver on its socially focused pledge.

That which is different need not be divided, when worlds are united in hope.